Margaret Hockney, Artist


"I have worn hearing aids for over 50 years. My first one was a Medresco hearing aid from the National Health Service, named after the Medical Research Council of the NHS. It was as big as cigarette box, and had a length of wire to the ear mould. It had a clip to fix on a belt or a pocket. I heard every crackle of my clothing, paper, cutlery, traffic, wind, body sounds, children screaming, whistling, clopping shoe heels, and other dreadful noises, but I could’t hear voices properly.

...I chanced to Google for analogue hearing aids Harrogate, with no hope of a positive response.
WOW – I was WRONG. I found R.J DONNAN HEARING CARE LTD. had a branch in Knaresborough. I sussed out the venue and made an appointment to see Robert. Yes he did have ANALOGUE HEARING AIDS.
He was amazing at understanding my problem. I had home visits, clinic visits and emails so he was very much in touch.
First I tried some digital aids that he thought may suit me, but I still felt the strange head noises and weird vibrations same as I already had. So then he brought a pair of analogue UNITRON US80 PPLA.
The minute I put them in my ears I could feel the difference. My head was clearer, and voices clearer. I bought them early in June 2016.

...So now nearly 2 months later I am very pleased with the analogues – I don’t hear everything, but what I do hear is clearer, and my head is clearer."

Margaret Hockney, 2016

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