The long awaited internet hearing aid is here. OPN 1 (v4.0). Features sophisticated design content, superb sound quality and IP68 water and dust resistance. Featuring 1.2 billion operations p/s, 64 frequency channels, dual-radio: utilising near field and 2.4GHz. Direct connection and binaural streaming to iPhone and iPad IOS devices… We have the Opn in stock. You can try a pair on day 1 and walk away to evaluate these in your own time.

Oticon Opn co-ordinates with your life! – Watch the video and explore the possibilities.

NEW Opn 1 (mini RITE)

Sensational new 64-channel VELOX processor
‘Open Sound Navigator’ detects speech from all directions
Significantly improved sound-to-noise ratio
Direct binaural connection to iPhones
Free Trial
60 day full money back
After care
2 year warranty
30 Batteries
Now in 2 more versions: Opn 2 and Opn 3

Other models to consider:

Alta 2 Pro design (very small, without iPhone connect)
Nera 2 Pro design (very small, without iPhone connect)
Ria 2 Pro design (very small, without iPhone connect)
Opn 2 (Mid-range iPhone connect)
Opn 3 (Mid-range iPhone connect)
Dynamo 10  (high power)
Dynamo 8  (high power)
Dynamo 6  (high power)
Dynamo 4  (high power)
Sumo DM (Legacy high power BTE)

OPN is perfect with the Connectline 3.0 TV

This turns your TV into a Bluetooth device capable of linking to your aids by selecting ‘TV’ on your iPhone.

How to connect Opn to iPhone & Android.

Watch the video about one of the first OPN users.

Web extras this Month:-
Free ConnectLine TV 3.0 Dolby Streamer free with OPN1 (VOUCHER CODE clks5)
Free ConnectLine Streamer 1.3i with ALTA2 design-RITEs (VOUCHER CODE clks4)
Offers only available via branch visits to Cleckheaton, Oswaldtwistle and York.

Price Guide (for 2)
Latest models £2980 – £3680
Mid range £1980 – £2780
Value range £1480 – £1980
Hearing aids supplied via home visits are charged differently. We offer home visits across Lancashire and Yorkshire, from Darlington to Mansfield and from Preston to Hull.