An extensive range of the latest hearing aids in stock for IMMEDIATE fitting on the first appointment.
A full range of assistive devices on display (telephones, alerters, etc).
NHS patients – help with your hearing aids, and a complimentary pack of batteries if you’ve run out.
Ear wax removal clinic (irrigation, removal & micro suction) with an ENT microscope and Video Otoscopy to show you before and after.

Pure tone audiometry in sound proof booth.
QuickSin Speech audiometry (to test speech discrimination).
LiSN-S PGA Speech in noise test
Video Otoscopy – to video / photograph the ear canal and ear drum.
Tympanometry (to check the pressure of the middle ear, where conductive hearing loss is found).
Hearing Aid Analyser


Bone-anchored hearing aid (BAHA) demonstration unit (for conductive hearing loss).
Radio CROS / BiCROS demonstration units (for one-sided deafness).
Internet hearing aids specialist – with demo Wi-fi devices (interaction with doorbells, speakers, TV, lights, domestic electric devices).
Lyric 24/7 hearing aid specialist (30 day trial available).
Radio aid demonstration equipment (Phonak Roger / FM).

LACE auditory training courses via a DVD player or PC, at home.
Bone conduction Bluetooth headphones and new ‘Hearables’.
Bluetooth TV listening.
Tinnitus management, Tinnitus matching, Hypnotherapy
“Access to Work” grant application advice.
British Legion Fund Advice.
All-make repair service (major component repairs only £79, minor shell repairs from £99).

Gill, Practice Nurse