What do we mean by ‘holistic’

– when applied to the prescription of hearing aids?
When you see one of our HCPC registered audiologists, we will take into consideration many parts of your life, background, nature and health in helping us to decide exactly how to approach and how we deal with your hearing loss. In our attempts to better understand YOU, we hope to reduce the great variability and risk involved in trying new hearing aids.

What this will mean in real terms?
We will spend more time with you, getting to know YOU.

We will not apply the prescription on day 1. Our philosophy is to introduce amplification in stages, allowing you to adjust more gently to the best possible result. We’ll, as a matter of course, plan to see you on average 5 times in the first 2 months.

We will allow to try more than one hearing system and not ask for payment until you are convinced that things are going well.

So for a more enlightened approach, get in touch today: