Phonak Hearing Aids

The market leader’s flagship OS is the new the Belong (B) chip – A great first choice for our FREE TRIAL.
It is available in both the open fitting RIC (‘Audeo’), which most users find incredibly comfortable and effective in noise (this is pictured on our receptionist), and the new titanium shelled IIC.
The outstanding features of Phonak are the best-in-class feedback canceller (whistling is effectively stopped) and the automatic program changer (Autosense OS) which senses and reacts to environmental changes. This is also available in a RECHARGEABLE model.

New for September 2017:
The Audeo B-Direct which connects to ANY mobile phone with Bluetooth.


Free initial consultation and 3 fine-tuning appointments in the first 2 months

Free Trial – You’ll be convinced when you buy

Plus a 60 Day full money back guarantee

Independent Advice on the whole of the market


“"I was rather uncertain after wearing NHS hearing aids for 10 years but the benefit of a free trial helped to win me over. Rob was very professional, approachable and helpful, nothing was too much trouble even making two home visits to “fine tune” the units.

The Phonak V30 10 made an immediate difference to my hearing, is unobtrusive and almost invisible when wearing. What really impressed me and I found refreshing was following the free trial period when I asked to upgrade to a more expensive Phonak V50 RIC, Rob suggested that for my type of hearing loss the technical improvement over the V30 would not be cost beneficial.

The service and care is exemplary. I carried out a significant degree of internet research and found that his prices are extremely competitive so with a free trial and 60 day money back guarantee I can highly recommend R J Donnan"”

James Bland

“"The first of my visits with Mr Donnan was to fix and adjust my old plaster covered, DIY hearing aids – my ‘self-diagnosed’ fix for many years. I had a test and I still did not think I needed much correction to my hearing, never mind new hearing aids. Yes, I thought I could just carry on – day after day, then year after year with my ‘make do’ hearing aids.
I elected for the no pressure free trial. And I mean no pressure!! To my surprise, I didn’t know the technology had advanced so much. The following after-care appointments were completely at my convenience – for any adjustments, (which I very much advise you to take advantage of) and yes, there was an small adjustment needed for me.
The very noticeable difference with my ‘new hearing’ during the free trial was that I forgot what it was like to hear properly! … for instance, after a few days of using my trial hearing aids and then removing them one evening – WOW!!… then you know you really do have a serious hearing problem. i was thinking completely the opposite before the trial. Even the years of tinnitus has gone !!!

I eventually went for buying my free trial aids that where recommended for me (Phonak Virto V30 Power CIC), with the 5 years battery and warranty package, it was well within my budget. It worked out less than £1 per day, over the 5 years for everything. To me, well worth it!

My next appointment is 3 months from now – all part of the free aftercare. The appointments are always relaxed and informal. Anyone just ignoring their hearing problems does not correct their hearing. Doing something about it does!
The no-pressure free trial gives you no excuses to check your hearing"”

Graham Young, East Lancashire


Quad core – 552 million process per second
7 automatic programs, such as ‘speech in car’ and ‘speech in noise’
200+ automatic destinations (quite unique in any hearing aid)
20 channels
Improved shielded mics
Accurate data logging of User preferences
IP68 superior water and dust resistance
Ear-to-ear operation
Speech in wind
Selectable direction
Over 50% of UK Market share
New RECHARGEABLE version (B90-Rechargeable)
New CONNECTING version (B90-Direct)


Titanium medical grade ultra thin shell
More room to fit more output
Quad core – 552 million process per second
7 automatic programs, such as ‘speech in car’ and ‘speech in noise’
200+ automatic destinations (quite unique in any hearing aid)
20 channels
Accurate data logging of User preferences

THE NEW B90-Direct

New ultra-fast SWORD CHIP
Enjoy the freedom of universal connectivity
Compatible with any Bluetooth® phone*
Answer calls with a touch of your hearing aids
Talk hands-free using your hearing aids as a wireless headset
Experience excellent TV sound quality
Turn your hearing aids into wireless TV headphones

FREE TRIAL available in York, Cleckheaton and Oswaldtwistle.

B90 variations 

B90-R rechargeable
B90 10 smallest Audeo
B90 312, with longer battery life
B90 13, best battery life & manual controls
B90 titanium IIC, ultra small
B90 Biometric 1600-point custom shell
B90 CROS for single-sided hearing loss

B50 mid-range alternative

B50-R rechargeable
B50 10 smallest Audeo
B50 312, with longer battery life
B50 13, best battery life & manual controls
B50 Custom shell
B50 CROS for single-sided hearing loss
B50 Bolero Super Power BTE

B30 low cost alternative

B30 10 smallest Audeo
B30 312, with longer battery life
B30 13, best battery life & manual controls
B30 Custom shell
B30 Bolero Super Power BTE

V50 Our best-seller in 2016-2017

V50 10 smallest Audeo
V50 312, with longer battery life
V50 13, best battery life & manual controls
V50 Custom shell
V50 Bolero Super Power BTE

V30 Value solution

V30 10 smallest Audeo
V30 312, with longer battery life
V30 13, best battery life & manual controls
V30 Custom shell
V30 Bolero Super Power BTE

LYRIC 3.1 hidden deep in the ear

Completely invisible
Constant wear 24/7 (2 months at a time)
Wear in the shower
Sleep with Lyric in situ
No battery changing
Incredible sound quality
Forget about it

Price Guide (for 2)

  • Latest models £2980 – £3680
  • Mid range £1980 – £2780
  • Value range £1480 – £1980

Itemised Prices

Hearing aids supplied via home visits are charged differently. We offer home visits across Lancashire and Yorkshire, from Darlington to Mansfield and from Preston to Hull.

Phonak CROS B

The wireless CROS device enables clients with Single-Sided Deafness (SSD) to follow conversations from wherever they come from.

Available in versions:
Audeo B90, B70, B50
Good ear can also be an in-the-ear model


Phonak CROS B – The smart solution for single-sided hearing


Inside the Phonak Lab
Inside the Phonak Lab
  • There are 327 employed in our lab facility.
  • We operate from 6am to 10:45pm (two shifts).
  • We are a regional service centre for: Phonak/Unitron Netherlands, Sonova Nordics, Phonak/Unitron UK, Phonak Belgium, Phonak/ Unitron Austria, Phonak/Unitron Germany, Phonak Switzerland
  • We create new products for Phonak/Unitron Denmark, Phonak/ Unitron Norway, Phonak Finland, Sonova Switzerland, Unitron Germany, Phonak/Unitron Belgium, Phonak/Unitron Netherlands, Phonak Hungary, Hansaton Austria, Sonova Israel. 
  • Daily Output: 525 new devices, plus 1000 BTE repairs, 450 ITE repairs.
  • Phonak produced around 300,000 hearing aids last year.
  • Average turn around time of only 2.5 days.
  • Brief history of the production line – HQ had a vision to have a Service Center for the Northern part of Europe and one for the Southern part of Europe. They chose the UK and Spain for these and named them RCNE (Regional Center Northern Europe (UK)) and RCSE (Regional Center Southern Europe (Spain)).  We brought in 200 extra employees to take the team from 130 to 327, most of the positions being semi- or high skill, making us a major employer in Warrington.