Don’t go anywhere else for hearing aids!

I contacted Robert after two unconvincing visits to high street hearing aid retailers. Robert came to my home on a Saturday morning and spent two hours explaining the different hearing aid options. He then offered me two different makes to trial over the following weeks. Being an Apple user I was tempted by the ReSound aids and followed Robert’s advice to trial them against the Phonak Q90.

We spend several weeks/months trialling, tweaking and swapping aids until I opted for the then brand new Phonak V90s. During this prolonged process Robert was always available and always cheerful without ever prompting for a decision. As I am facing a multitude of different work and social environments the extensive trial period gave me confidence when finally making a decision. There will still be adjustments to the aids until they perform to the best of their abilities but I am confident Robert will be with me on this journey of discovery.

If you’re ever in the market for hearing aids I cannot recommend Robert highly enough. He and his team go the extra mile to ensure the best service and will never oversell if they feel a standard model will be sufficient for your needs. You can buy from Robert with confidence for the best value and top class service.

Markus Rasche