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For a more informed experience, book your consultation with us. Our reviews are truly outstanding. We are independent, so can advise on all the ‘big 5’ global brands including PHONAK and OTICON. However, the main reason you should see us is our FREE TRIAL EVALUATION – Ensuring your complete satisfaction before you pay.

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We can help you hear on your 1st appointment. We have ready right now: the PHONAK AUDEO PARADISE LIFE, the OTICON MORE, the WIDEX MOMENT 440, the STARKEY EVOLV AI & the RESOUND ONE.

Impartial advice

As one of the UK’s leading INDEPENDENT Audiologists, we offer unbiased advice on ‘the whole of the market’, ensuring you find the right hearing aid for your needs, not for ours.

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You really have nothing to lose as with all our hearing aids we offer a Free Trial. And you can try as many as you like* before making up your mind

Gary's story

Gary Skeels, Manchester

Phonak hearing aid user


Joint 1st Place  PHONAK AUDEO PARADISE LIFE and the OTICON More rechargeable

NB: If you have not been offered free trials of these 2, then get in touch

Gregg's story

Gregg Stevenson, Foulridge

Oticon hearing aid user