Expert Programming of Phonak Marvel hearing aids – The future of audiology

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After extensive testing, we are now fully operational for Phonak Marvel remote programming. Please call…

Christine conquers cancer

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Chemotherapy saved her life, but an unfortunate consequence of this treatment was the total loss…

Happy (Chinese) New Year!

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大年初一接財神,豬事如意,心想事成. 恭喜發財!   金猪賀歳,歡樂祥瑞;金猪拱門,五福臨門,金猪打滚,財源滚滚;金猪祈福,闔家幸福!   2019年2月5日   The Year of the pig: The Jade Emperor…

Nick is happy with his ear protection

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“I wear my hearing protection when on track, I have tried all sorts of ear…

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Issues with Opn connecting to Ring Doorbell

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Please check the following: On your iPhone, go to SETTINGS GENERAL ACCESSIBILITY MFI HEARING DEVICES…

Tympanometry to measure ear drum and middle ear function is now STANDARD

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We are proud to introduce this test as a free add-on to our wonderful 'free trial consultation' which bears no charge. Everyone will benefit from this very interesting and informative...

Age UK withdraw from hearing aids

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After a whole load of complaints, accusations of overcharging, reports of unpaid refunds and negative…

Another great phone to use with PHONAK AUDEO B-Direct

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The Sony Xperia XA1 can be found on the internet for under £150. It will…

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