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2 hearing aids that directly interact with smartphones – SIEMENS BINAX v GN RESOUND LINX2 (Keighley, West Yorkshire)

By December 30, 2015November 9th, 2017No Comments

It’s not just the Resound Linx2 9 that is controlled thru a smart phone app.

These models also have the same function:

  • The Resound Linx2 5 which is far less expensive
  • The Siemens Binax 7 Pure
  • and The Binax 3 Pure, a really well-made hearing aid…

These require a streamer to work:

  • The Phonak V products require the user to incorporate a COMPILOT AIR II or similar,
  • The OTICON ALTA2 Pro works through a STREAMER Pro 1.3, or similar
  • The WIDEX UNIQUE with an M-DEX
  • The STARKEY Z SERIES with a SurfLink Mobile 2

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