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Some long-term hearing aid wearers found the change from analogue to digital very challenging. This modernisation would be necessary where the patient returned to their Audiology department / private audiologist with an old / broken analogue hearing aid, and would be given a digital hearing aid replacement. 
The thing is – that analogue hearing aids are still available and have become gradually harder to source. But there is a demand out there. I have gained immense satisfaction in catering for this real need for the last 15 years.
Our new patient has been wearing analogue hearing aids for over 30 years. She approached us with an malfunctioning NHS BE54 and a non-functioning AM260 – panicking that her very old hearing aid would pack up any day.
We imported a high power analogue hearing aid with high cut and AGC trimmer, with a volume wheel and T-coil switch. This unit takes a 675 battery and suits severe and profound long-term mixed hearing losses.
Here’s a picture:
The product was matched up with the beautifully made silicone carved ear moulds from Starkey Labs.
Result: One very relieved and grateful new user!
Analogue Speciality hearing care

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