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Audiometers used in our practices

We invest in the very latest audiometers, enabling us to illustrate and describe your hearing loss to you in an easy to understand form presented on a large screen in our practices. 

The GN Itera II is able to measure up to 16000Hz, allowing for a greater understanding of hearing loss in younger persons. It also features a Hearing Instrument Simulator, allowing for an immediate demonstration of how you might hear with amplification. 

We also have the Primus module. This is connected to our programming PC and allows us to move from audiometry to finished demonstration within a couple of minutes…

On home visits, we use an Inventis Piccolo Aero Plus – as the results taken are stored onto an iPad, there’s less room for human error or misinterpretation and we can easily print or email the results to you as well.

For a quick check prior to your free consultation, you can take away our free one-minute checker, an electronic card with 4 button presses inside. This means you can check your hearing at 4 frequencies in your own time at home. 

The Focus CE70 allows us to quickly identify hearing loss and any difference between your right and left ear.

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