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This is an impression of an ear canal, taken by a Registered Hearing Aid Dispenser. 

It was taken with the use of an impression gun, which guarantees an exact mix  of the two component silicones and allows the Dispenser to use a safer  very-low-viscosity impression material. The black  bit  is  an  OtoBloc. This is  inserted  first in  order  to prevent the impression material touching  the  ear drum.  It  can also provide useful information as to the direction of the last part of the ear canal. This impression was taken f or a  Phonak Virto  90 Nano  IIC. It was necessary  to  insert  the  OtoBloc  right up  to  the  end  of the ear canal,  just  a  fraction  away  from  the  ear  drum. 

This  type  of   impression-taking  is only  carried  out  by  very  experienced  and skilled Dispensers. There  is  little or no  risk of discomfort, pain or injury  if  the correct impression-taking procedure is followed.

This  impression shows  excellent  definition  5mm  past the second bend. It is considered that  if the tip of a hearing aid is lodged in this area,  then  there  will  be less  chance  of the  rather  unpleasant  side-effect  OCCLUSION.  Also, if  the microphones  on  the face- plate are  as  far  in  as  possible,  there will be a far more natural sound and an improved directionality and sound-to-noise ratio.

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