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From mum:

“We have definitely seen an improvement in Laura’s abilities since wearing the Hearing Aids and the Roger microphone has helped Laura in different settings such as, watching TV or in the cinema. Laura was able to concentrate on the film instead of being distracted by other sounds in the theatre and in the supermarket where it has, so many additional sounds, I was able to speak to her using the Roger mic and ask questions without using sign language, as this is a place she usually gets really overwhelmed. Laura found Leeds City Centre actually quieter and easier to process all of the sounds.
At home, we can speak to Laura without her having to face us and see out lips moving and Laura is not ‘missing’ words from our sentences like she used to do, which could cause a lot of confusion.
Laura also found it easier to hear on the phone in a group chat and found meeting mode works better with 3 or more people. 
Thank you so much for letting Laura trial the Hearing Aids and Roger microphone. It really has made a huge difference.”

Laura’s View:
“Overall, the hearing aids improve my daily life. They did take some getting used to, however this has proven worth it. 
Both my parents and close friends agree, I mishear them less often and for me, sound isn’t as ‘intrusive’. Sounds like people and cars actually fade in and out and isn’t one constant deafening surrounding me. They are a few things that are still a bit loud (washing machines and Wheelie bins outside) but they don’t overwhelm me like they used to.
As for use in a class setting, its only describable as life changing. I went to a practical workshop, so some of it was moving around a bit to grab things mostly, however I was sat at the back, which I have never been able to do. I could fully concentrate on my teacher using the roger pen, without wrappers, pens and other voices causing me to become unfocused. 
The roger pen has also been useful in indoor public situations like supermarkets. I can actually concentrate on what my mum is asking rather than it just becoming a massive pile of words from everyone in the store. “
Laura B


“Laura is still amazed with her Hearing Aids and Roger Mic every day. It has made learning so much better for her. Her teachers are happy to wear the mic and Laura gave them a tutorial on how best to use it. 

Laura has made a nice group of friends and they use the mic as necessary, such as in a group situation or in the busy streets in Leeds, so Laura can hear what is being said and doesn’t miss out on any of the conversations. They have all been respectful and take care of it.
Laura is happy for you to use her story and I’ll provide a photo too.”