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Existing hearing aid patient gets to trial the PHONAK V30, the V50 AND the V90! All in the size 10 battery Audeo shell… Here’s what happened: in Bradford, Yorkshire

By January 4, 2016November 9th, 2017No Comments

We have a chap who already owns a pair of PHONAK AUDEO S MINI IIIs. Until recently he wore these for busy social outings only.

Realising that his hearing was worsening over time, he began to wear the aids he has, more often. I suggested he tried a pair of V30s, partly because one can adjust the volume easily (by pressing the right aid button, you can increase the volume of BOTH, and with the left, decrease both.

These were assessed (by means of our FREE TRIAL) to be definitely better in background noise.

My patient then became curious as to what improvement if any, might be had from trying the V50s. We arranged this at no cost, and over the Christmas period he tried them and agreed that they were “softer sounding than the V30s”. 

He decided in the meantime to get a second opinion (something we always advise) and this persuaded him he should at least try the top-of-the-range V90s. We again facilitated this THIRD FREE TRIAL of a hearing aid, still with NO FEE at all.

In conclusion, our patient decided that the V90s were marginally better than the V50s – but that the main benefit was the availability of the button to increase / decrease the volume. 

We let you test hearing aids before you have to buy.

By R J Donnan

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