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After extensive testing, we are now fully operational for Phonak Marvel remote programming. Please call in with your email address if you’d like to participate.

You will then receive an invitation to join the programme. Try to open the invitation email on your phone. If you open the email on your phone, just click on the green ‘download the app’ button. It’ll take you through to the app store or google play store. Download the MyPhonak app.

If you open the email on your tablet or PC, you’ll see a manual code to activate the service. Go back to your phone, choose the app store or google play, then search for the ‘MyPhonak’ app. Download it. Enter the code from the email where asked.

I will be updated when you have done this.
You’ll see two choices, HEARING DIARY, and REMOTE SUPPORT.

You can send me messages via the diary, and you can connect my call via remote support.
So, what would typically happen is you’d send me some feedback on the diary. I would then contact you suggesting a date, time.
You would accept my call at the agreed appointment time (you need to be in a WiFi zone, with your hearing aids on and your mobile to hand!).
We can then see and hear each other! I will connect to your hearing aids and we will have a discussion whilst I am fine-tuning, just like we would normally. You can even assess the changes I make there and then. I think the possibilities are amazing. I will be arranging for evening sessions so we can get the appointment done without any inconvenience to you. If you do have Marvels, get in touch now.

Robert Donnan
01274 862623