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Extraordinary Story illustrating the benefits of Oticon Opn

By August 16, 2018 No Comments
From Nuala, a regular contributor:


“So how cool/not cool is this?
I was at the gym. I went to get a paper towel to wipe down my exercise machine.
My phone was on the machine I was using.
My back was turned 2 seconds and my iPhone was gone! … but the music was still playing through my hearing aids.
Someone had taken it.
When the music stopped (the Bluetooth signal had moved out of range), I ran downstairs and I saw this guy in reception had it.
I challenged him straight away. He said it was his but I said it couldn’t be, because I had it linked up to my hearing aids.
Luckily he owned up and I got it back. I don’t think I would have noticed, or got it back if I hadn’t been wearing my hearing aids and the music had then stopped.
I think he backed down quickly, as he also felt sorry for the fact that I had hearing aids too!