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For those of us with mild to moderate hearing loss, it is a simple choice between the IIC (a tiny aid placed right inside the ear canal) & the RIC (a tiny aid on the ear with a filament wire in the canal)…

IIC (Nano) 
++ Aesthetically superior, nothing showing
++ Natural anatomy provides directionality
–  Little or no user adjustments
– – Component failure common, need regular maintenance
–  Will usually cause some Occlusion (own voice sounds loud)
–  Will increase probability of wax production
–  Difficult to get a demonstration, EXCEPT with us – we give you a FREE TRIAL. Most of us new to hearing devices would choose this type, however these will probably not suit you if your low frequency hearing is good. These are still popular in the UK and US markets, but less so in Europe.

+  Aesthetically very good, almost impossible to spot
+  Twin mics provide good directionality
+  Wireless ear-to-ear and remote control functions
++ Very reliable and repairable, often water resistant
+  Own voice remains natural
+  Hygienic to wear as an open fitting
+  Very adaptable to large changes in hearing loss 
–  Can get in the way of spectacles
–  Easier to lose
Easy to try in the consultation, but even better if you can walk away with 
them on our FREE TRIAL. Almost all Hearing Aids sold in Northern Europe are this type. Suitable for most hearing impairments especially high frequency losses.
Try both? for free? Nothing beats our DOUBLE FREE TRIAL

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