The latest technology for you to evaluate straight-away on your first appointment:

Flagship models:
Phonak Audeo B90-Direct
Oticon Opn 1 (vers. 5.0)
Phonak Audeo B90-Rechargeable
Phonak Virto B90 Titanium
£3680 per pair

Phonak Audeo V90
Starkey Halo 2 i2400 312
£2980 per pair

Lyric 3.1
£250 per month (York only)

Mid-range tech:
Phonak Audeo B50-Direct
Oticon Opn 3
Starkey Halo 2 i1600 312
Widex Beyond 220
Resound LiNX 5 3d
£2480 per pair

Value range tech:
Phonak V30
£1980 per pair

These prices represent amazing value. Our success rate and trial period are reasons that you should consider coming along to see us.

‘Everything Covered’ Hearing Care Plan

Each one of us don’t require the same level of aftercare and often end up paying for something they do not use. So you can opt to ‘pay as you go’ or if you’d like all eventualities covered, then you can join our plan. As usual, we have created an extremely good value package for you to benefit from:

For a monthly subscription of £19.00 for 1 aid or £29.00 for 2 (or if you’d like visited at home, its £25 / £39), you will receive all of the care and support you need to improve your hearing and also get £400.00 off the cost of your hearing instruments (£240 off one). The table below shows the key benefits of our Hearing Care Plan. This includes all consultations, batteries, consumables and parts. There’s also our unique yearly pro-active renovation where we loan you a pair of hearing aids and send yours off for component replacement. We’ll even make sure your ears are kept clear of ear wax.

* Wax guard and dome change up to once a week and all batteries you’ll need (including remote control batteries). 1 wipe used per day and 1 capsule per month. Mic covers will be changed by the audiologist.
If you are using BTE hearing aids, you’ll get an air puffer, tubing renewal as required, a spare set of ear moulds and a set of replacement ear moulds in the future (typically every 18 months).
We will replace any one lost remote control or assistive listening device we supplied (a maximum of 1 claim per calendar year).
We will repair or replace a hearing aid that is smashed to pieces (a maximum of 1 claim per 5 calendar years).

Consultation Costs (pay as you go, without plan):

Audiologist appointment contribution £25
Audiologist appointment at home contribution £35

Recommendation Bonus for happy patients:

Easily reduce the monthly costs by recommending us to friends and family!
Each referral will reduce the monthly amount paid by £5.
Both parties will benefit equally.

Other chargeable services:

Occupational hearing screening with report £95
Diagnostic hearing test, inc. tympanometry & speech test £145
Ear wax micro-suction (2 ears) £75
Ear wax micro-suction at home (2 ears) from £95
Homecare assistant visit £30
Tinnitus consultation £60
Hypnotherapy consultation £60
Not-purchased from us service plans from £295 to £695



Ongoing warranty (up to 8 years)

Free appointments for the 3 months after the trial

Contribution / discount of £400 per pair (£240 for 1)

Unlimited branch appointments (or: up to 3 a year at home)
Micro-suction wax removal as required (at branch)

Hearing aid batteries

Loan hearing aids

Yearly receiver wire replacement

Wax guards, domes, wipes, drying caps, mic covers*

Ear puffer, tubing renewal, extra sets of ear moulds*

Also: Insurance for loss of accessories and remotes*, Severe damage cover*, Yearly prize draw, and a 10% discount on your next purchase

COST £29 per month (for 2 hearing aids)



2 years’ warranty

Free appointments for the 3 months after the trial

Branch appointments contribution cost £25 each (home appointments £35), Hearing aid batteries cost only £1.39 per 6 pack, Loan hearing aids £35, Yearly receiver wire replacement costs from £60 to £100