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A quote from Benjamin Franklin…

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember…Involve me and I learn.”

We believe all new hearing aid users can truly excel in the speed at which they adapt to our hearing devices. It is so true that when you are given one-to-one counselling over a number of sessions that you can learn to do almost anything…
(or at worst, gain a full understanding of what prevents this learning).
We help you to become very confident indeed through our average of 5 in-branch rehabilitation appointments per client. 
With what I call our ‘Holistic hearing rehabilitation‘, we allow you to continuously assess and fine-tune your hearing aids to near-perfection. You’ll see what I mean if you just begin the process with our unique FREE TRIAL at home for 7 days.

Data Logging
Technology utilized: Many modern hearing aids log your usage patterns, calculating how many hours a day they are switched on, how often you’ve been in different environments (such as quite noisy places, very noisy places, mostly music, mostly windy, etc.) and what if any volume adjustments are made. We use this information to help you more. In fact, with a click we can adjust the settings to accommodate your preferences,

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