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It is now possible to buy these hearing aid parts separately:
The first picture shows a sports lock or retention lock. This fits on the collar of  of the ‘wire’ used on RIC hearing aids. This part will change colour / become brittle / misshapen / break / become loose over time. They are easy to change yourself….
The above is a receiver wire, the main business end on an RIC hearing aid (for instance, a Phonak Audeo, GN Resound LiNX, Siemens Ace, Widex Dream). In most cases the replacement will revive an otherwise poor performing hearing aid. 99% of reliability issues in this type of hearing aid are due to receiver failure. 

This picture shows microphone covers used on the Phonak Audeo S Smart and S Mini series.These should be removed at least once a year, the underside cleaned with a microfibre cloth, and then a new microphone guard fitted in place.
A very simple repair on an in-the-ear hearing aid can be done yourself. If the battery door on your hearing aid is broken, in most cases we can supply you with a replacement that can be clipped on.
All these parts and more are available at

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