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Hearing aid users: sustained use of gadgets (remote controls, apps, smartphone, watch, compilot, mypilot, unite, surflink, etc)

By January 29, 2016No Comments

Another interesting analysis of our hearing aid users:

I am of the view that remote controls etc. do fall into disuse eventually…

Gadgets and apps do seem useful and appealing to new users, and I can see great merit in the first few months as you attempt to get used to your new hearing aids, but I was always concerned that my patients do not buy expensive hearing aids purely on the merits of the ‘gadget’ (prime examples of this would be the impressive GN RESOUND APP, the PHONAK COMPILOT AIR II, the hi-tech OTICON STREAMER 1.3HD & the SIEMENS EASYTEK)

So, here we are…

In our sample of 83 buyers of ‘gadgets’ over the preceding 3 years,

ONLY <11% were still using the gadget / app.

The conclusion must be: buy your hearing aids on their actual performance in noise and on how well the audiologist looks after you.  

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