Have you just had a hearing aid consultation?

Have you been offered:

  • Phonak from Boots?
  • Oticon from Hidden Hearing or THCP?
  • Widex from Bloom?
  • GN Resound from Amplifon?
  • Specsavers from Specsavers?
  • Starkey from The Hearing Company?

Then that’s no surprise to us, but… we are independent, offering up-to-date impartial hearing aid advice on the whole of the Market. Even better, we can prove that we offer value for money too! In their last two articles, ‘Which’ magazine recommend ‘Independents’ for providing the best all-round value and service.
How can we be competitive? Well, thanks to our 40%+ rate of recommendations, the news is travelling fast – and because our advertising costs are almost zero, we can keep our prices very low.

Are you an NHS Hearing aid user?

We offer a walk-in hearing aid check-up and free batteries *
If you need re-tubing, spare thin tubes, new domes or moulds then we can help you.
If you are unsure about how to fit or operate your NHS hearing aids, pop in and we’ll help.
If you feel you are lacking the necessary confidence, we can give you some free encouragement.

  • Has your hearing changed? – get a Free quick hearing check
  • Free balance check – to verify that you are hearing in stereo
  • How to easily improve your TV listening
  • How to use your telephones correctly
  • Home safety advice for the hard-of-hearing
Have you purchased hearing aids elsewhere?

We can help. We have ‘adopted’ over 150 patients so far.
If you need a new provider, call us (01274 862623) for a free initial consultation.
We will get you back on track with some great impartial hearing aid advice.

Are you a little wary about venturing into private healthcare?

Remember, we offer NO COST & NO COMMITMENT product trials on virtually all daily wear hearing aids.



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