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Interesting results from hearing aid trials conducted in West Yorkshire and East Lancashire

By November 4, 2015No Comments

Whilst nothing scientific can be proven here, these individual experiences are of interest:

Case 1: 
A patient with a high frequency hearing loss working in a challenging environment, who had come to the conclusion that his Oticon Zest BTEs were not satisfactory.

He trialled a pair of PHONAK AUDEO V50 10s and found them to be better in background noise. Encouraged by this experience, he asked us to allow a free trial of the PHONAK AUDEO V90 312.
These were ‘slightly’ more effective. 
However this patient had previously read some interesting articles about the SIEMENS PURE BINAX 7
 Image result for siemens pure binax
and had previously revealed that he would be uncomfortable settling for the Phonak without trying the Siemens. We agreed to begin Patient #1’s THIRD trial. 
The initial response was startling as the fan heater in my office was plainly audible and quite loud with the Phonak, but totally gone with the Siemens!
After 2 further weeks, we decided together that the Siemens was the best all round proposition apart from the fact that the feedback (whistling) control was admittedly better on the Phonak product.


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