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After getting Covid late in the Pandemic, Linn acknowledged that her hearing was now far short of socially desirable.  She decided to look for an independent provider and was really impressed by Robert’s descriptions of his service as designed to fit the individual’s needs even if this meant multiple device trials, and the reviews that backed this up.  Robert has been committed to find one that worked comfortably!

Linn is an amateur singer albeit a serious one, and she was surprised to find that the first thing she found was, “I can hear myself better!”  As a musician, this enhanced sense of pitch accuracy – as well as social interactions – is a clear incentive to wearing the hearing aids.  Linn recently visited Australia and her many cousins and friends there, and here she is popping out with her cousins to their local folk club – Smith’s Alternative in Canberra – on the day she arrived, hearing aids too!