IT support

Ellie (Rob’s daughter) is in the process of studying as a hearing aid dispenser (audiologist). She’s also working in Cleckheaton, helping us with our IT and systems.

Senior Audiologist

Robert, Mr Robert Donnan RHAD, MSHAA, is our senior Audiologist with over 27 years’ experience. Our practice is run on his core principles, namely: of offering value for money, allowing a good trial before purchase and – what we believe to be a unique holistic approach to hearing aid acclimatisation.
Specialising in motivational counseling, fitting hearing aids for profound losses, and programming all of the ‘Big 6’ brands.
He is happily married to May, and has three children, Ellie (17) , Harvey (6) and Leonie (4). In his spare time, Robert enjoys website design, playing mah-jong with the family, walking – and is a film buff (preferring the 1930s and 1940s, film noir and Humphrey Bogart films).

Audiologist & Trainer

Kirstin is an HCPC registered audiologist with extensive experience. She works in the Cleckheaton and Chesterfield branches, having two roles: as an audiologist and our staff trainer. In particular, Kirstin is very skilled with the Phonak brand and in ear wax micro-suction.

Practice Manager, Cleckheaton

Dianne manages our main Cleckheaton branch. She is skilled in hearing aid maintenance and programming.
Dianne is also responsible for our accessories business, hearingaidparts.co.uk. It’s quite remarkable how hard she works for our business – nothing is too much trouble for our Dianne.

HR, Client Liaison

May is our Company Secretary and Human Resources Manager.

May will liaise with you during the first 3 months of trying new hearing aids.
She is extremely approachable and skilled at helping you over that critical time.

IT Manager

Support Manager – IT Support/Software design and Programming.
Barry designed our innovative Appointment system – AudiologyManager.co.uk and helps with our websites. If we have any IT issues, they’re sorted.
He wears hearing aids himself, so has a computer mind but knows how to make
technology work better for our patients.