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More hearing aid trials in our Cleckheaton, Bradford branch

By November 4, 2015No Comments

My best ever week (last week) shows how much attitudes to hearing loss have changed in my working career.

When I started, it was extremely rare that males in their 50’s and early 60’s presented themselves for a hearing test. 
Nowadays, this group represent the largest group of new enquiries!

Last week. as it happens, we had 3 new enquirers, 
all business owners
all in the above age group
all had never worn hearing aids before

As an Independent Hearing Aid Dispenser, I try to represent the hearing aid market – thus, if a potential new user expresses no particular strong opinion about a product, then we’ll start their free trial process with a Phonak Audeo V.

Patient #1 was given a pair of V30 10 – and then a week later, having decided that the general idea was of interest to him elected to go for the V90 10.

Patient #2 was given a pair of V90 10 – and adapted to them incredibly quickly.

Patient #3 expressed a desire to use T-coil (loop) function and so was fitted with V50 312T.

I’m glad to report that all 3 achieved great results very quickly….

this is unfortunately misleading as all three had a typical hearing loss of straight-forward aetiology (origin). Many of our new patients do not acclimatize so quickly.

If you’d like to protect yourself from costly mistakes,
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