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RJD Hearing Care

New patient presents a common problem: Working age male acknowledges hearing loss and wants a pair of pop in invisible (IIC or CIC) hearing aids….

By January 11, 2016No Comments

This scenario occurs in our practice approx. twice a week…
It’s wonderful that younger men (40s to
early 60s) are recognising hearing loss earlier AND enquiring about it
However, most of these prospective patients are expecting (perhaps
understandably) quick results and an invisible solution. Unfortunately this is
seldom possible, as in reality the side-effects of wearing
‘invisible’ hearing aids (when one has a typical noise-induced hearing loss) often
outweigh the potential benefit
I’d be a wealthy man if this was as straight-forward as it seems
to the ‘newbie’. In most cases, the RIC type (that’s the thin wire, behind
the ear) actually suits this type of person best. However, to prove the
point, we will produce a pair of invisible hearing aids for these
patients AND allow them to try these against RICs at the same time


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