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RJD Hearing Care – First Visit

My mother’s hearing aid had been damaged and an online search led me to the Services>Just need advice? page of RJD Hearing Care. This what it says:
Are you an NHS Hearing aid user?
We offer a walk-in hearing aid check-up and free batteries *
If you need re-tubing, spare thin tubes, new domes or moulds then we can help you.
Are you unsure about how to fit or operate your NHS hearing aids, pop in and we’ll help.
Do you feel you are lacking the necessary confidence, we can give you some free encouragement.

• Has your hearing changed? – get a Free quick hearing check
• Free balance check – to verify that you are hearing in stereo
• How to easily improve your TV listening
• How to use your telephones correctly
• Home safety advice for the hard-of-hearing
It sounded to be just the place that I needed, so I called RJD Hearing Care in Cleckheaton. I made an appointment to see Mr Donnan and a few days later I visited him to discuss my mother’s damaged hearing aid. Not only did he offer to repair her aid, but he also said that he would visit my mother in her Care Home to check that it was the best solution for her.

I had been aware of problems with my own hearing for a while, particularly in my left ear. I took the opportunity of mentioning this to Mr Donnan and he tested my hearing. The results showed that the hearing in my left ear was impaired and there was age-related hearing loss in my right ear. He suggested that I could benefit from wearing hearing aids and he offered to lend me a pair of Phonak V90s to try. He said that I could take them away and wear them for a while without any obligation to purchase. I accepted his offer.

I visited RJD Hearing Care to discuss my mother’s broken hearing aid and I came away with a premium pair of aids in my ears. No money had changed hands.

F H Jones, 16/03/2018