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Request our  free comprehensive  guide  to 
hearing  loss and  hearing  aids. This is not  the 
usual  promotional brochure. It  is  an impartial 
guide  presenting the case for a  FREE TRIAL prior to purchase,to dealing with 
an audiologist  who  will look after  you 
for  years  to  come, and  encourages  you, 
the  potential  hearing  aid  consumer  to  shop
around and  use  the   internet   to  
figure  out   the   best provider  for you.
In your free guide, you’ll also find a current review of the best models available:   
Our recommended hearing solutions with comments and review scores, split into 3 simple  technology  bands…. Up to date – includes the amazing PHONAK VENTURE (V) CHIP 
Our useful electronic card  that allows you to check your hearing yourself at  home… Listen for the 4 beeps!
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