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To help local people understand how influential the Spen Valley area has been in recent history, The Spen Valley Civic Society hold an annual exhibition in our practice in Cleckheaton.
We have now gathered an amazing collection of archives from many sources, including photographs back to the 1860’s, Richard Grylls’ wonderful maps of the area dating back to the 1750’s, aerial photographs from Mick Linsky’s collection, and our detailed records of the history of the mills in the Spen Valley area. Our volunteers were on hand to talk to visitors, help answer their questions and learn more from local people about our heritage.
We are building an amazing historical record of our locality, and we should all be proud to live and work in Spen Valley, the centre if dissent in the era of the Industrial Revolution. This area is pivotal in the emergence of the modern world, and if we can share this pride with everyone, then we can perhaps feel better about where we live.


If you’d like to help us with local photographs, artefacts or interesting knowledge of past events, get in touch to help build our historical record in order to help us all in the future.