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Our formula for success is now proven and we can now cautiously open a few new practices:
What’s that?
– we do not spend our hard-earned money on unnecessary fittings or decoration – we’ll create a clean, presentable, functional and safe space for you to visit.
– we pay special attention to ease of parking and ease of access.
– we invest in equipment that delivers accurate test results and useful information only – to help us program your new hearing aids properly. Superfluous tests are avoided.
– we constantly innovate and come up with clever ideas on how we can improve our quality of service to you.
– our continual care is proven and does not stop. You will deal with the SAME professional always.
– our communications to you are in your best interests, to ensure your hearing aids are kept in tip-top condition. WHENEVER you decide to try replacements, that will be from a position of strength and via our FREE TRIAL process.
– we can prove our INDEPENDENT credentials. We fit from 4 of the ‘big 6’ manufacturers every month.
– our consumable items such as batteries are very low cost.

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