Home visits with RJD Hearing Care
Home visits with RJD Hearing Care
Home visits with RJD Hearing Care

Unlike many High Street chains, we regularly offer home visits. And you’ll deal with the same audiologist all the time. Above pictures Mr. Donnan visiting the home of Ken, and of Brenda, a patient that’s been with us for over 12 years.

When we visit you at home, it is very wise to consider having a close relative or friend with you – as hearing loss is a social condition that others may well notice before you do.
The opinion of an other as to how well you hear could be very useful in helping you come to terms with a hearing loss. It is sometimes useful to conduct a quick word test – again a familiar voice reading these words is a good idea. We prefer the presence of another person if the patient is of advanced years, for ethical reasons.

We do not need your spouse present, in order to ‘sell’ you something – we do not do that. All our hearing aids are subject to a no-fee, no-signature free evaluation period, to give you time to discuss your findings fully with interested / concerned relatives or friends.

Home Visit PRICES

Latest models £3980 for 2
Mid range £2980
Value from £1480 to £1980

(After your free trial!)

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