Sometimes your local NHS Trust will be unable to supply a particular type of hearing aid for your child. Some examples might be:

Hearing aids designed for use in water (Phonak Sky V, Sky B)
CROS systems for one-sided deafness (Phonak CROS II, CROS B)
IN-THE-EAR models
Spare / extra sets

Or, you’ll be advised that your child (affected by Auditory processing disorder) may benefit from the use of an FM or digital listening aid… such as Roger Focus
or Oticon Amigo Star

If you believe that your child may benefit from something you know is available elsewhere, but apparently not available in your local hospital, you should approach your Audiology department and ask about it. You can also book a call-back from our senior Audiologist who will explain the technical specifications of any hearing aid that you want to find out more about.

Where children are concerned, in the first instance we always endeavour to direct you to a solution that will cost nothing. We use thorough checks before we allow the purchase of private hearing aid equipment for children.

You’ll find us to be sympathetic and caring.
We are DBS (previously CRB) checked.
If you do source hearing aids with us, we include a 5 year warranty.

Get in touch to discuss further;
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