The Phonak Paradise Life Hearing Aid is now available for pre-order

Phonak hearing aids UK

The market leader’s new operating system, Paradise – A great first choice for our FREE TRIAL.
The first hearing aid to enable hands-free direct connection and streaming to any Bluetooth mobile phone via tap control; and TVs equipped with the TV connector accessory. They have called it ‘Made for All’ – as you can connect to virtually any Bluetooth phone. You can accept, take and end calls by pressing a button on the hearing aid. whilst your phone stays in your pocket.

This is the


. Choose this as an obvious trial hearing aid, and if you make/receive lots of mobile calls OR you really struggle with the TV.

Our branches in NOTTINGHAM, YORK, THIRSK, CLECKHEATON and CHESTERFIELD have these ready for Trial today

Other features are
– REMOTE PROGRAMMING IN REAL TIME: You can call us on the phone and we can discuss and implement fine-tuning wherever you are!*
– Remote Control app.
– Call to text – call speech converted into text as you talk.**
– fully integrated with ROGER SELECT..
– A RECHARGEABLE model (Audeo P-R) – a really robust design which will suit those that like practicality (slightly larger in size).

Phonak hearing aid Bluetooth

The other Phonak hearing aids available are

  • The popular small Audeos (open fitting thin-wire type, such as Audeo B30 10) which most users will find incredibly comfortable and effective in noise (in various sizes), This smallest RIC type is still relevant. Limited numbers.
  • The Bolero for severe and profound hearing impairment,
  • The Virto P ITC (with Bio-metric Calibration), with twice as many laser measurements of the ear anatomy taken – is a custom-built 1-piece in-the-ear aid. This will suit those with poorer manual dexterity.
  • The Virto P IIC and Power CIC versions – will suit those wanting ultimate discretion.
  • And the titanium shelled IIC,  as above and very very hard to break.

* you need to be in a WiFi zone. ** requires a subscription.

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Phonak CROS B, The smart solution for single-sided hearing

The wireless CROS device enables patients with Single-Sided Deafness to follow conversations from wherever they come from. We are specialists in this amazing technology. You will be amazed at the difference this can make to your life. Get in touch to try this FREE.
Available in versions: Audeo B90, B50

Phonak Audeo – Taking a phone call

“Don’t go anywhere else for hearing aids!

I contacted Robert after two unconvincing visits to high street hearing aid retailers. Robert came to my  home on a  Saturday  morning  and  spent two hours explaining the different hearing aid options. He then offered me two different makes to trial over the following weeks.  Being  an  Apple user I was tempted by the Resound aids and followed Roberts advice to  trial  them  against  the  Phonak  Q90.  We  spend several  weeks/ months trialing, tweaking and swapping aids until I  opted  for  the  then  brand  new  Phonak  V90s. During  this  prolonged  process  Robert  was  always available and always cheerful without ever prompting  for  a  decision.  As  I  am  facing  a  multitude of different work and social environments the extensive trial period gave me confidence when finally making a decision. There will still be adjustments to the aids until they perform to  the best of their abilities but I am confident Robert will be with me on this journey of discovery.If you’re ever in the market for hearing aids I cannot recommend Robert highly enough. He and  his  team  go  the  extra  mile  to  ensure  the  best service and will never oversell if they feel a standard model will be sufficient for your needs. You can buy from Robert with confidence for the best value and top class service.”

Markus Rasche

North Yorkshire

Hearing Aids Price Guide (for 2)

Latest models £2980 – £3680
Mid range £1980 – £2780
Value range £1480 – £1980

Hearing aids supplied via home visits are charged differently. We offer home visits across Lancashire and Yorkshire, from Darlington to Mansfield and from Preston to Hull.


Inside the Phonak Lab
Inside the Phonak Lab

327 people are employed in the UK facility. It operates from 6am to 10:45pm (two shifts). Most of the positions are semi and high skilled.

Phonak UK makes new products for Denmark, Norway, Finland, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Hungary, Austria & Israel. 

Its Daily Output is: 525 new devices & 1450 device repairs. With average turn-around time of only 2.5 days,

It’s a great British success story!