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The Sports Lock or ‘retention lock’ is an integral part of an RIC hearing aid (a tiny behind-the-ear type with a thin wire leading to the ear canal entrance). Many hearing aid audiologists, especially High Street chains will remove this prior to fitting your new hearing aids, but don’t be surprised if the aids don’t feel secure in your ear…
They are quite tricky to become practised at inserting into the bowl part of the ear, but the benefits of using these far outweigh that initial inconvenience…
Sound will be presented more directly into the ear canal, and it’s less likely you’ll lose them!
Whilst the Phonak / Unitron brand is easily the best seller, the Sports Locks can move over time or with misuse. Here’s our handout published to help you understand their use and how to renew them yourself….

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by Robert Donnan
Copyright R J Donnan

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