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RJD Hearing Care

Some of our reviews for hearing aid fittings inYorkshire

By September 22, 2015No Comments
From the moment I
walked into the shop in Cleckheaton to when I purchased a hearing aid…I
received nothing but first class service and advice. The team were so friendly
and easy to talk to…I got simple straight forward help to select an aid
suited to my needs and bought it following a trial period to ensure it was
exactly what I needed…I was delighted with the process and the way my quality
of life has improved with my new hearing aiding aid.
If you want the best service and advice…a full range of products at an
excellent price…then I recommend that you look no further than R J Donnan
hearing care!
I contacted Robert
after two unconvincing visits to high street hearing aid retailers. Robert came
to my home on a Saturday morning and spent two hours explaining the different
hearing aid options. He then offered me two different makes to trial over the
following weeks. Being an Apple user I was tempted by the ReSound aids and
followed Roberts advice to trial them against the Phonak Q90.

We spend several weeks/months trialling, tweaking and swapping aids until I
opted for the then brand new Phonak V90s. During this prolonged process Robert
was always available and always cheerful without ever prompting for a decision.
As I am facing a multitude of different work and social environments the
extensive trial period gave me confidence when finally making a decision. There
will still be adjustments to the aids until they perform to the best of their
abilities but I am confident Robert will be with me on this journey of

If you’re ever in the market for hearing aids I cannot recommend Robert highly
enough. He and his team go the extra mile to ensure the best service and will
never oversell if they feel a standard model will be sufficient for your needs.
You can buy from Robert with confidence for the best value and top class

I was rather uncertain
after wearing NHS hearing aids for 10 years but the benefit of a free trial
helped to win me over. Rob was very professional, approachable and helpful,
nothing was too much trouble even making two home visits to “fine tune” the
units. The Phonak V30 made an immediate difference to my hearing is unobtrusive
and almost invisible when wearing. What really impressed me and found
refreshing was following the free trial period when I asked to upgrade to a
more expensive Phonak V50 RIC, Rob suggested that for my type of hearing loss
the technical improvement over the V30 would not be cost beneficial. The
service and care is exemplary.
I carried out a significant degree of internet research and found that his
prices are extremely competitive so with a free trial and 60 day money back
guarantee I can highly recommend R J Donnan
I have tried a
couple of private hearing centres and prices seemed excessive. Found R J Donnan
Hearing Care on the internet. Had hearing test and tried Phonak Virto 90 CIC in
the ear and Phonak V90 10 RIC on free trial and found the V90 10 RIC way out in

The service and prices are excellent; I can’t recommend Yorkshire
hearing care enough.

The representative
was very kind to my mother who at 89 can be quite a challenge to deal with.
The service was extremely professional and conducted in a dignified manner
which I was pleased on behalf of my mother.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this company.
Up to date with the
technology, and helping me with getting the best solution to a complex hearing
loss. Always been available to fit me in with appointments at short notice.
Would recommend trying here if looking at considering private hearing aids.
The title really
says it all. We went into this not knowing what to expect, feeling uneasy about
the hearing problem that had developed, and from the minute we walked in the
office we were made to feel totally at ease. Everything was explained clearly
and all avenues were explored. Rob is a great guy, always available to help,
friendly, honest and knowledgeable. Highly recommended!
we came across the
hearing care centre in Pendle Mill and what a difference it has made. a quick
chat with Rob and a check up was arranged, then a free trial . Rob was so helpful,
nothing was too much trouble .I cannot recommend them highly enough.
i was very sceptical
after having NHS hearing aids but the ones I got from rjdhearing care made all
the difference to me and I would recommend them to anyone, especially the
service and after care
Always wondered why
people had to go buying hearing aids when you can get free from NHS, After
trying free trial now I know what a difference great sound, excellent service
and almost impossible for other people to tell that your wearing them. Great
confidence booster as well.
Good service. Great
prices. What more could one ask.

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