Home visits for South Yorkshire

Our local Audiologist partner, MR. Alan H. Jackson is an experienced and dedicated professional that Mr. Donnan has known and trusted for over 15 years. He can visit you at home or one of our local centres to assess your hearing, examine your ears and assist if you have excess ear wax.

As The Independent hearing care experts in this area, we can provide the very best advice not compromised by manufacturer ties. We currently receive most enquiries about the latest hearing aids that connect to mobile phone and TV (namely Oticon opn and Phonak Audeo B-Direct) and the new titanium invisible hearing aid.

Our most popular hearing solution is an incredibly easy-to-handle and discreet hearing aid – together with our expert rehabilitation visit program. This is ideal for even the most uncertain user. You’ll find us to be very considerate, kind and unhurried.

We are very much driven to treat you the way you would expect, and our reputation backs this up.

And of course, you’ll be assured by our renowned FREE TRIAL PERIOD.

If you would like to meet us, get in touch.

Your first class hearing and ear care professional in TICKHILL, BAWTRY, WORKSOP, GAINSBOROUGH, NEWARK, MANSFIELD, LINCOLN & SHEFFIELD

“When I began to suspect that my hearing was changing I accessed a hearing test at my local opticians who is an associate of the above practice. R J Donnan was not only very professional but very supportive throughout the process of identifying the problem, carefully explaining what the hearing test revealed, making sure that I was referred to a hospital consultant, discussing what could possibly be the cause but in a reassuring manner.

I was offered hearing aids on a free trial pending the outcome of the referral. This took somewhat longer than anticipated but the trial period was extended. It was really good to be given the opportunity to use the excellent aids straight away knowing that I was not being pressured into making any decisions until further tests had been made. The aids themselves are comfortable, discreet, stay put and have made a big difference to my hearing.

I know that I can access the services of the practice for the next 5 years and entrust my hearing care to RJD Hearing Care. I would not hesitate to recommend the practice to anyone needing help with their hearing.”


Mrs. J Lambert,
We can come to you – Superior first class treatment at HOME