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Speech Audiometry Hearing Tests available at our clinics in Lancashire and Yorkshire

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In normal audiometric testing, the individual’s recognition of pure tones (single frequency) is tested. Speech recognition is of greater interest because that is what is needed in day-to-day life.  
Measurement of speech thresholds are useful as a means to cross-check the validity of the pure-tone thresholds, especially where the subject has been difficult to test or has given erroneous or unusual responses to pure tones.

The accepted measures for measurement of speech thresholds are the Speech Recognition Threshold (SRT) and the Speech Detection Threshold (SDT). The SRT is commonly used for adult testing.
The materials that are used in speech threshold testing are spondees, which are familiar two-syllable words that have a fairly steep psychometric function. 

For general speech audiometry screening, we use 
Frye Electronics US / NAL Labs. Australia ~ FONIX Audiometric Speech CD 

In the UK, speech audiometry is not commonly available and is rarely offered to adult clients.  

If you are having difficulty acclimatizing to hearing aids; feel you are less able to hear well enough in background noise or are experiencing speech understanding problems, get in touch:

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