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Starkey Z Series hearing aid proves very satisfactory for patient in Pudsey, Leeds

By December 30, 2015No Comments

We had a younger (40s) male with long-term hearing loss visit us. He was a bit disheartened with his recent forrays into private hearing aids. He needed in the ear aids for various work-related reasons. We tried the PHONAK VIRTO V50 first – he found this to be rather too tinny / sharp. 

As in most of these situations, STARKEY was the obvious second choice (perhaps it should have been the first). He tried the STARKEY Z i30 and to date is finding that to be very good in quiet and partially noisy places and very satisfactory in very noisy environments. 

He hasn’t paid yet though -that’s what we do…

Plus these will only cost £1390 for the pair.

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