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“My name is Gregg Stevenson and I am a 34-year-old Veteran who lives in Foulridge, Lancashire. I am married to my lovely wife Mel and have 2 young boys. I suffered an incident in Afghanistan back in 2009. I lost one leg above the knee, one below and suffered from bilateral hearing loss.

I am currently rowing with the GB Rowing Team based in Caversham near Reading. I was invited to join the program in December 2018 and have been working hard to improve both physical fitness and technique. I am very much looking forward to seeing how far I can take my journey in this sport and am hopefully looking forward to representing my country in a competitive race.

Coming from a military background I have found the discipline required to become a good rower quite satisfying and reassuring. As a double amputee and have had special prosthetics made which connect me well to the boat. Also have bilateral hearing loss and thanks to the Oticon hearing aids I can hear the coaches from the bank and my rowing partner (I have no excuses now!)

I am enjoying the challenge and look forward to sharing my story with Rob and all the team at RJD Hearing.”