1. We provide all* hearing aids on a free trial basis.

“A Free Trial is such a good idea as individual variances in cognitive listening skills can mean that each of us could respond quite differently to the same hearing aid. This unpredictability in response is why you need our FREE TRIAL first.
You will be able to test our recommendation – without paying anything. If it doesn’t work out for you, we will just try another – better than worrying about asking for a refund, or feeling obligated.” Jessica

2. We are truly Independent.

Vic“Independents are recommended by WHICH as being the most likely to provide the best products, pricing, staff, service and facilities. We are a flourishing group of practices across Lancashire and Yorkshire, and come highly recommended.
We have access to all ‘big 6’ brands and give advice on the ‘whole of the market’. In addition, we have the most popular models in stock, such as the connected OPN & the rechargeable PHONAK B90.” Victoria

3. Our Holistic Fitting Method WORKS.

“We accept that each patient has their own individual hearing needs and so we program our hearing aids on the understanding that acclimatisation is a gradual process. On average, our Audiologist will see you 5 times in the first two months – to ensure that we get to know you, your hearing, your listening skill and your individual ability to adapt to amplified sounds. Our patients seem to love this approach and we get lots of really positive reviews.” Alicia

4. Our fees are very competitive.

“One would naturally think that all this costs a premium amount. Well, it’s good to know that this is not the case. All hearing aid prices are transparent on this website. How can we be so competitive? Well, our Audiologists choose to work 6 days a week. Our branches are well equipped, easy to get to, with free parking but we have been very astute in how we run them. And, we invest over two-thirds of our profits straight back into our business.” Robert

5. Clinical Ear Care & Diagnostics.

“I’m an Advanced Nurse Practitioner trained in ear care, ear canal irrigation and ear wax micro-suction. We offer these services at our branches and at home. This service can save you a lot of time and inconvenience. Not many audiologists have their own nurse on call. We also use a Typanometer, Speech audiometry, a hearing instrument analyser and a video otoscope.” Gill

6. We are open at WEEKENDS.

Clare“I work in the Oswaldtwistle branch on Sunday. Lots of people are too busy to come during the week, and as most of us avoid addressing this problem for too long, I often get passers-by stopping for a chat. We’re really approachable as our desk is in the open in this big department store. Come and see us if you’d like to discuss your hearing.” Clare

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We are rated 5 stars

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"Finding a hearing aid that can keep up with my active lifestyle has been life changing. I can rely on them in all environments be that in the gym, a wet day on the hills or at home with my young family. In my work life I am much happier and more confident that I can be involved in important conversations. They are robust and easy to maintain. The absolute cherry on top is the ability to link my phone to the hearing aids so that I never miss a call or conversation, I can listen to music and adjust the settings via an app. The advice, fitting and service that Rob and his team have provided has been fantastic, I would highly recommend anyone with hearing issues to get in touch. In the past I have felt limited by my hearing loss but now have a confidence in the technology that is enabling me to get on with life."

Gregg Stevenson, Jan 2017

"I can confidently recommend RJD Hearing Care for anyone considering hearing aids for the first time or for someone, like me, who has worn them for years but had become very dissatisfied with the service and prices at my existing specialist. From my first appointment I found the staff friendly and helpful and R J Donnan’s caring, knowledgeable and honest approach was both refreshing and a confidence boost. Nothing was too much effort in finding the best solution to my complex hearing loss. I am very happy with my new hearing aids and confident of excellent after care from this Company."

Ann Taylor, October 2015

"From the moment I walked into the shop in Cleckheaton to when I purchased a hearing aid…I received nothing but first class service and advice. The team were so friendly and easy to talk to… I got simple straight forward help to select an aid suited to my needs and bought it following a trial period to ensure it was exactly what I needed…"

John Ruding, 2016

"Looking for Hearing aids? Then look no further than RJ Donnan for superb service. From the first contact to the Hearing Test in my home, free hearing aid trial over several weeks & subsequent purchase everything was explained clearly & professionally. I had already visited several high street chains so it was refreshing to meet someone in the guise of Rob who I felt was interested in helping me to resolve my hearing issues instead of just selling me something. Excellent Service & I cannot praise Rob, May & the rest of the team enough. Talk to them, you will not regret it.

Thank You RJD
Roger Hepworth"

Roger HepworthExcellent Service